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Konstruktyviniai komponentai

The megawood construction components

megawood is more than just a special material. The versatile complete system provides you with all components you need for various uses. What ideas do you have? The mature, adaptable substructure, the safe and comfortable bonding system and the special megawood groove strip ensure a permanent hold, and give you all the functions you want.

The megawood construction beams
Construction beam
ensure that the terrace is appropriately anchored, ventilated and drained. megawood provides just the right components. The construction beams come in different heights for closed or open fixtures level or on top of the ground. The use of other supporting structures is possible, though due to the special properties of megawood barefoot boards, the relevant instructions in the construction manual have to be closely followed.
The megawood bonding system
Bonding system
makes laying megawood barefoot boards easy. Screw heads on the surface getting in the way are a thing of the past. The terrace appears harmonious and elegant. Conceived specially for megawood barefoot boards, the bonds fit perfectly into the side grooves of the boards and hold them firmly to the megawood substructure for their entire life. You can barely see the bond due to its black colouring (the stainless steel screw provided is also painted black). The bond keeps the distance between the deck boards uniform. The slight expansion of the boards in the first few weeks is also compensated for by the bonds.
The megawood groove strip
Groove strip
is a great addition to the megawood barefoot board. Thanks to this special rubber profile strip megawood barefoot boards can be laid as a closed terrace deck as well as open with a classical expansion joint. It fits exactly into the joints of your megawood barefoot boards (any forces affecting the terrace are compensated for flexibly). The groove strip, stainless steel bond and barefoot board are perfect partners. The prerequisite for this is that your terrace is on a support and is sufficiently ventilated.
The megawood smooth edge board
Smooth edge board
is a safe end to supported terraces. This component in the colours of the barefoot boards used is optically effective and covers the cut surfaces at the board end.