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Planavimo patarimai

General planning principles and information on open and closed terrace decking
  • We recommend laying our products at a longitudinal incline of 2 %. This is a general principle that should be followed to protect a wood construction. If you do not follow this recommendation, water marks and water logging might result.
  • Ensure that the substratum is solid, frost-proof and can bear the load. Caution! Avoid water logging!
  • Keep the megawood barefootboards and construction beams off the ground! However, the megawood construction plank is an exception.
  • Do not fill hollow spaces between the substructure and the bearing plates so that warm and cold air can interchange. If you keep to the stipulated distances and gaps, the construction will be sufficiently ventilated.
  • Make sure the drainage system is big enough. Avoid water retention and ensure that all the water runs off even in strong rain.
  • Comply with minimum distance of 2 cm to secure components (e. g. house wall).
  • Comply with the distances stipulated for the construction beams.
  • Comply with the minimum distances of the expansion joints so that the construction can expand without constraint.
  • Pre-drill all holes.
  • Comply with direction of arrow on the packaging sticker and in the floorboard groove.
  • Minor colour differences and shades are desirable and emphasise the wood’s natural look. This is why you should mix the boards before laying them.
  • Boards may project over the supporting structure by no more than 5 cm.
  • Chamfer all cutting edges of the barefootboards (approx. 3 × 3 mm).
  • Do not subject to tension, girdle or force megawood barefootboards.
  • Take into account that, due to deviations caused by the production process, the lengths, widths and thicknesses may differ.
  • The megawood installation instructions are the basis for all installation variants as no liability can be assumed for differences and deficiencies thus caused.
  • A sufficiently sized, structurally measured, collapse-resistant base is required as the support for megawood barefootboards or supporting structures/construction planks for applications that require constructional approval.